How To Buy Zaynix Using TrustWallet

How To Buy Zaynix Using TrustWallet App

Zaynix Logo
  1. Download and install TrustWallet application on your device (Google Play / App Store)
  1. Open TrustWallet Application
  2. Create or import your wallet
  1. Go to “Browser” section
  2. On the URL section Type:
  3. Navigate to
  1. For Buy choose the amount would you like to spend in Ethereum 
  2. For Sell Choose how much Zaynix would you like to sell
  3. For reinvest divideds click on the button “Reinvest Divideds”
  4. For Withdraw Divideds click on the button “Withdraw Dividends”

You can perform any actions as if you were using metamask

  1. After you do an action confirm your transaction
  2. Wait until your transaction reach 5 confirmations