How to buy or sell zaynix using MetaMask Zaynix Exchange

How To Buy or Sell Zaynix using Zaynix Exchange

Zaynix Logo
  1. Install MetaMask Extension:
  2. Go to Zaynix Exchange for MetaMask :
  3. Create or unlock your MetaMask Account.
  1. Go to “buy” section on the homepage
  2. Enter the amount of ethereum would you like to spend in order to buy, Above you will see the total “Tokens” (Zaynix) you will receive
  3. Press on the “Buy” Button and confirm your transaction

NOTE: Do not forget to set the Gas Price

How to withdraw your Dividents

  1. Go to Zaynix Exchange homepage
  2. On the top page you will see “Your Dividends”
  3. Click on the button “Withdraw Dividends”
  4. Submit and wait until your transaction reach 5+ conformations
  5. You Ethereum (Dividends) will apear in your accounts after the transactions is confirmed

Dividends is the earnings due sharing your MasterNode or Holding zaynix.