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Tips You can use any ERC-20 Wallet

Zaynix is the first decentralized cryptocurrency build on ethereum smart contract made especially for investments that generate ethereum just by holding Zaynix the more you hold, the more you get.

Zaynix is safe and easy to use, compatible with any ERC-20 Wallet

When you share your MasterNode Link you will get 33% of the fee

If someone buy zaynix you will receive 33% of the fee in Ethereum (ETH) Check your "dividents"

That fee is split across all tokens currently in circulation as a reward to those holding them. Buyers newly-purchased tokens are added to circulation before the fee is allocated.

Zaynix price is different every day when somebody buy 1 Token (ZYX) the price will increase with 0.00000001 Ethereum

No one have access to your funds. The only features the developers made editable are the name of the token and the price of the masternode feature. Developers dont have access to the funds of the smart contract (ETH) or to your wallet, you can read our zaynix smart contract.

You are the only one who can make the right decision when to sell and when to buy

When someone chooses to buy, sell or trade tokens, a 10% transaction fee is applied.

If you hold Zaynix you will receive Ethereum (“Dividents”) when someone buys, sells or transfers zaynix even if he did not buy through your referral

The more zaynix you hold, the more Ethereum you get.

Zaynix work very simple, You buy zaynix or share your masternode link and reinvest your dividents, wait and sell until your price target has been reached

Price of Zaynix token increase with 0.00000001 Ethereum per 1 Zaynix Token.


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