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Tips Share your masternode link and earn 33% of the fee.

Zaynix MasterNode

Share your unique MasterNode Link

Earn 33% of the fee when someone buy

Example: If "John" Use your MasterNode link and spend 1 Ethereum to buy Zaynix Token you will get 0.033 Ethereum.

You can withdraw or invest your 0.033 Ethereum using the zaynix exchange system.

Receive ETH and choose what you want to do with your reward

"Reinvest Dividends" in order to use your ETH to buy zaynix

"Withdraw Dividends" in order to Withdraw your ETH direct to your account

MasterNode links have a duration of 30 DAYS That mean if someone visit your masternode link and decide to buy zaynix after 10 days you will receive 33% of the fee

Is not necessary to visit again your MasterNode Link in order to receive the 33% of the fee

1 Time is enough because the MasterNode is saved on the user session

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